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How to recognize the quality of online products with a unique zooming option

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier lets you offer an immediate zoom to notice even the smallest detail of your products

The biggest dilemma of purchasing online is the impossibility to touch the goods we are interested into. When we are in a shop, we can usually check what we would like to buy: the quality of materials, the real color, the condition of the product, which may have manufacturing defects. For example, when we talk about clothes we are can even test the product, wear it and understand which size suits us better. Unfortunately, not all these actions are applicable when we purchase online, and sometimes we are forced to buy something without knowing indeed if that particular pair of shoes fits perfectly, or if the product is in good condition. It is the big restriction of the web, of the digital era, it is that line between real and virtual we have to face nowadays even if we are perfectly able to buy concrete products online.

Therefore, how can we recognize the quality of the products when we purchase from an online store? The successful and most demonstrating way is using an excellent tool that can reflect the nearest sensation to the real one, just like YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier does. Its nature is quite simple: reflecting in the most accurate and detailed way the true quality of the products of your own online shop.

How does it succeed? Thanks to the magnifier feature, the product images can be loaded in bigger and more generous size, so that users are free to scrutinize smoothly every single peculiarity. These image details can be displayed in a box of the page that you are free to place where you want. Each site layout is different, it is unique, so the plugin offers the freedom to choose freely the position of the zoom window starting from the original image, taking advantage of the best solution according to your needs. The zoom percentage can be set to reach even two times or three times the actual size to offer every single detail to a careful eye.

Box position

And there’s more: if the single detail is not enough, the plugin offers also a convenient option to extract the image from the page and display it at full screen at its real dimension. This lets you show images of enormous resolutions, so that users can satisfy their needs to deeply analyze the products they want to purchase. Choosing this feature, a comfortable popup will appear on the product page to show the related image, whichever is the original size of the loaded file.

Expand Image

Finally, it is vital to consider the importance of showing the true quality of products also for mobile users: under normal circumstances, the smaller screen size may not offer the right feeling to interested customers. On the contrary, with YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier, you will be able to take advantage of the convenient magnifier even on mobile phones and tablets, giving your users the freedom to evaluate carefully the product they are interested into. An absolutely powerful tool that can reduce the difference between virtuality and reality. What are you waiting for?

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