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WooCommerce Essential GuidesWooCommerce: How to add grouped products

Hello and welcome back to our installation and configuration guide for WooCommerce.

In the past chapters we have seen the various types of products that can be created using WooCommerce, we have seen simple, virtual and variable products.

Today we are going to see the grouped products


We have already seen this type of products in a past chapter, but let’s briefly summarize what they are.

A Grouped product is a collection of products that are sold together. It’s a batch made of just the products you wish.

Let’s make a practical example we are going to use for this article: say I sell individual books on my store.

I also wish to offer customers the chance to buy the “Stephen King Best Sellers” offer, which is a batch made of 3 books as a single product.

In order to do this I’m going the “Stephen King Best Sellers” grouped products, starting from adding a new product, as I normally would:


From the drop-down menu in the “Product Data” section I will select “Grouped Product”:


As you can see, many of the usual product sections are gone, leaving “Inventory”, “Linked Products”, “Attributes” and “Advanced”.

We have analyzed these section in the article concerning the creation of a simple product, now all I have to do is insert the image, save, and I have my simple product.

Now all I need to do is create the simple products that will be part of this batch.


Once they are created (such as “The Green Mile” in this case), let’s open the “Linked Products” section underneath:


Under “Grouping”, I’ll select the grouped product my single product will be a part of, in this case “Stephen King Best Sellers”.

I’ll repeat the operation for each product that is a part of the batch at this is how our grouped product will look like to our customers:


Two more things before concluding. If you wish for a simple product to be visible only within the grouped product and hidden from the rest of the store, all you need to do is select “Hidden” in Catalog Visibility:


In the Advanced section, in the “Menu Order” section, you can choose the order in which the products are going to be displayed within the batch.


Thank you for following this chapter in the guide, see you in the next one!