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Black Friday, can you afford to lose out?

Christmas is synonymous with lights, family, and food, but also with expenses and queues. That’s why the number of people who prefer to buy on the Internet increases, taking advantage of scandalous offers and saving themselves the crowds in shopping centers. For this reason, online stores must be prepared for an increase in sales, stand out from the crowd, and attract customers.

YITH also joins this period of discounts, but there’s more than just a Black Friday for us. We share with you a spectacular offer:


30% off everything this Black Friday until Cyber Monday (from 26th to 30th November, both included).


As a store owner, can you afford to miss out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

“It is the best time of the year for sales” or “I am not taking part in this hype” are just two sides of the argument for store owners whether to be part of this global e-commerce phenomenon. But it’s not all black or white (despite talking about Black Friday). What if there’s a third argument… take part in sales but only for your most trusted and loyal customers?

Every store is different, and only the owner or marketing manager will know the best time of year to run sales. Whatever your position is, especially for those who want to build customer loyalty or defend the third argument, YITH wants to present you with some opportunities within its plugin catalog that you shouldn’t miss.

The power of the three best-selling plugins

The advantages of membership
Black Friday is synonymous with special offers or promotions, and the Membership plugin can help you with this. It is a powerful tool to create restricted areas or access products, pages, articles, and content only to registered members. With this plugin, you could stay in the gray: you don’t make promotions open to the public or stop making them; you create them for your regular customers by encouraging their loyalty.

Dynamic pricing and conditional deals
‘Dynamic pricing and discounts’ is another of the best allies for creating offers for your users. Considering the competition, it is essential to differentiate yourself from the rest and know how to build customer loyalty. We can’t believe that they will be loyal to us without anything in return, and that’s why it’s good to use tools like these to create special offers based on the value of the cart, the quantity, specific products, or whatever you want. It will only limit your imagination.

Subscriptions for the most loyal users
The subscription model in online stores has become almost as common as buying Christmas gifts on Black Friday. Subscriptions in newspapers, libraries, video games… You can charge a monthly or annual fee to join the special club for additional discounts. Imagine: paying as little as $5 a month, you become part of the special club, get free delivery, a 10% discount, and exclusive access to special offers. Who wouldn’t want this subscription? If you want to have a subscription model like Amazon Prime, although its success is gigantic, don’t miss the following link.

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