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Free Woocommerce Advanced Reviews

Detail, feedback and customisability in one plugin only.

How many times you found yourself in front of an item you would like to buy, but you doubted it? You doubted about the possibility it could turn out to be a good product. And if it were not the right product for you?

You try, then, to understand more about this product, read the description, but you still doubt. Then, you find a user’s review praising the product as an excellent one, a very useful one. Then you find a second review, five stars, and a description by users of how they found it and how they use it in everyday life… Then you have no more doubts and you buy it feeling more confident about your choice.

How many times did it happen to you? How convincing have you found positive concordant reviews?
Reviews as feedback are one of the most powerful tools to make your customers feel comfortable with what they are going to buy. They feel they are sharing the same doubts that others before them have already experienced and so if many of them express their positive opinion a new buyer will be encouraged to purchase.

YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews gives you the possibility to exploit the extremely powerful tool of reviews in all its deepest aspects. Even the free version offers great possibilities, and even more the premium version puts a lot of tools at users’ disposal.

What if you could filter reviews about a product according to the rating they are expressing for the product? Put you want to read all and you find just a few bad reviews and lots of 4 or 5 star reviews. Then you feel the product is totally reliable, you trust the seller and the product itself and nothing could turn you away from buying the product you were already interested in.
YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews allows you to do that! You can just select reviews with the rating you prefer and read those only, without being confused by the others.


YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews allows you also to vote a review itself. Among lots of reviews there is one that is particularly impressive, particularly motivating, particularly explicative: that one has helped many other customers do their choice to purchase or not. Then, why not reading it as first and spare you the trouble to read all the others without getting much from them?

This is possible with YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews, that allows users to express a vote for others’ reviews by judging it helpful or not. Votes to the review will appear on it and will act as a further filter for reviews: they will make your evaluation process much simpler and more effective.

Vote Section

Moreover, if you want to reward your users for leaving reviews on your products? Then, you could consider another extension for WooCommerce plugin: YITH WooCommerce Review for Discounts.

But, let’s come back to Advanced Reviews features, which do not end here. Reviews include also the possibility for users to reply to other reviews, ask further questions, getting answers, agree with others’ opinion and whatever you would like to add.
Reviews become so much more detailed and customisable. You can add a title to the review you are writing, so that that title can help other users get quickly an idea of the content of the review. They feel free so to decide if they want to read it because they are interested in the subject discussed in that review or skip it because they are looking for reviews concerning other aspects of the product. A title is like a short summary, and its conciseness is very appreciated on the net: time is money, time is your fortune and the less time you spend for the same amount of information the better it has been spent.

In order to be even more customisable, reviews can also include attachments, such as documents, images, screenshots or the like. What is more effective than a picture itself? As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Another tip and then I will let you free to discover the plugin by yourself. You can organise your reviews in graphs with bars and to give a tidy overview of users’ feedback.


This and much more with YITH Advanced Reviews. Discover this exceptional tool among our free plugins, and then decide if you want to upgrade to the premium version, where all features are available for you and your users! I’m sure you will not have to wait long before seeing good results in your users’ feeling safe within your shop!

If you want to read more about configuration for this essential plugin, read the plugin documentation.

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