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Great news! We’ve just released the best Point of Sale plugin for WooCommerce

A year full of emotions awaits us at YITH. After the release of the free theme Proteo and the massive update of our Wishlist and Gift Cards plugins, we’re here again announcing big news: we’ve just released YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce, the plugin that allows turning any WooCommerce installation into a Point Of Sale with a front-end interface that works as a Cash Register.

The development of this plugin took us months of research, analysis and painstaking work. Many of our customers have been waiting for its release for more than one year: it was not easy but we are now proud of the result that we’ve achieved and we can proudly state that we’ve just created one of the best POS plugins for WooCommerce available on the market, in terms of interface, code optimisation and available features.

If you’re looking for a good solution for your business, whether it’s a supermarket, a bar, a shop or a gym, we can offer you the best option: you can use WooCommerce to transform your computer or tablet into a virtual Register and it’s cheap and easy to use thanks to the integration with our POS plugin.

The available features are virtually countless.

For example, from the Register interface, the Cashier can:

  • Manage the sale of all the products of the store
  • Create new products and add them to the cart
  • Scan the product barcodes (thanks to the integration with YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes) or search products by SKU
  • Manage customers’ profiles and information about the delivery of products
  • Add notes on the products and apply discounts
  • Apply coupon codes, discounts and markups in the cart
  • Enable or disable the sound effects
  • Open the Register interface in full screen
  • Suspend the cart for a while and reopen it at a later stage
  • Print the sale receipt or download it as a PDF file
  • Monitor the profits of the day and all the transactions made
  • Log out or close the Register
  • Download the Register closure report


Moreover, the Admin can:

  • Create unlimited Stores and Registers and set managers and cashiers for every shop;
  • Create custom sale receipts (with logo, store information, custom footer text and more options)
  • Enable specific payment methods for each Register and multiple payment methods in the same order;
  • Enable multiple stock management options per product;
  • Monitor orders and revenue for each Store through a powerful dashboard (with a report of best seller products, cashiers who recorded more transactions,
  • most popular payment methods, and much more);
  • Configure and customise the Register interface.


But… we don’t want to spoil everything now: take a look at YITH Point Of Sale live demo and test it yourself or visit YITH Point Of Sale product page if you want to learn more about all the available options. And don’t forget to give us some feedback: let us know what you think about our brand-new plugin!

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