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Follow everyday YITH themes and plugins updates

YITH Woocommerce Multi Vendor Premium - 3.5.0

  • New: Support for WooCommerce 3.8
  • New: Support for WordPress 5.3
  • New: Support for YITH WooCommerce Account Funds Premium 1.3.0
  • New: Select whether to show the vendor's products during holiday closings in WooCommerce archive pages or not
  • New: Bubble notification for Vendor's order
  • Update: Italian language
  • Update: Spanish language
  • Update: Plugin framework
  • Fix: Unexpected issue with WC_Eval_Math
  • Fix: Unable to translate vendor name with WooCommerce Multilingual
  • Fix: Unable to translate vendor name in taxonomy edit page with WPML
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with YITH WooCommerce Booking (fixed availability issues on booking products)
  • Fix: Vendor can see customer details in order preview
  • Dev: yith_wcmv_skip_check_duplicate_term_name to skip check duplicated term name

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium - 3.2.12

  • new: Support for WordPress 5.0
  • new: Support for Gutenberg
  • new: Add Gutenberg Block for Multi Vendor shortcodes
  • fix: Issue with shipping and a range of postcode
  • fix: Wrong status for parent order with BASC payment
  • fix: Vendor not associated to suborder on parent order change status
  • fix: Product stock decreased twice when order is placed
  • fix: No tracking data in customer email
  • fix: Prevent to add socials wrappers if no socials added

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium - 3.2.11

  • fix: Vendor coupon have only one product
  • fix: Vendor shipping tab is showed also when it's empty

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium - 3.2.10

  • update: POT file
  • fix: Notice "Trying to get property of non-object"
  • fix: Generic add/update/get meta methods should not be used for internal meta data, including "total_sales"

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium - 3.2.8

  • tweak: Removed old javascript code
  • fix: Check if $item_meta is an object in email template
  • fix: Prevent fatal error on place order
  • fix: Js file due to an incorrect italian translation
  • fix: Coupon code is not applied
  • fix: Prevent fatal error with the hook yith_wcmv_single_product_commission_value_object and Frontend Manager plugin
  • dev: yith_wcmv_admin_localize_script_args hook to filter the admin.js localize args

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium - 3.2.4

  • new: Enable order synchronization for administrator
  • fix: get_plugin_Data doesn't exist
  • dev: yith_wcmv_company_legal_notes_field_title hook to change company legal notes string

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium - 3.2.3

  • new: Support for add item to quote
  • fix: Duplicated commissions in quote after edit it
  • fix: Typo in Privacy section

YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium - 3.2.2

  • update: Plugin Framework
  • fix: Localization for commission_id string
  • fix: Search doesn't works in commissions page
  • fix: Type issue in privacy section
  • fix: Redirect URL when a user switches to another user or switches back.
  • fix: Duplicated order email for website admins
  • fix: Unable to save PayPal MassPAy Options
  • fix: Duplicated email for customer (parent and suborder)
  • fix: Missing wpml language during parent to suborder synchronization
  • fix: Call get_order_number on boolean in order email template
  • dev: yith_wcmv_commissions_step hook to change the commission step in input number fields
  • dev: yith_wcmv_hide_vendor_settings hook to force to show/hide vendor profile page
  • dev: yith_wcmv_commissions_list_table_class hook to change or extends the commissions list table class
  • dev: yith_wcmv_store_header_template_arg hook to filter the store header args
  • dev: yith_wcmv_website_target to change the target value (default: _blank)