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Web marketing festival: passion for the web

It wasn’t the first event we participated to in Italy, but it certainly was one of the largest and richer in information. On 23 and 24 of June we were in Rimini to attend the Web Marketing Festival, the largest marketing event held in Italy.   In this festival we talked about SEO, tourism, social […]

Tradition & art get together at WordCamp Bilbao

Last month we participated as sponsors to the second edition of WordCamp Bilbao. One of the things we like most of WordCamps is that they have the ability to unite people that are passionate about about WordPress and what surrounds it, everybody is welcome. Ever since we stepped onto the Paìs Vasco, we felt at […]

WordCamp London. A great experience and great people!

Just a few days have passed since the WordCamp London took place and we can already feel that sense of nostalgia for such a wonderful and thrilling event. The feeling is just the one you have when you’re with friends, feel at home from the very first moment you come in. The organisers, the volunteers, […]

WooCommerce: How to import products

Hi and welcome back to our guide on how to correctly install and configure WooCommerce. In the last chapter, we have seen how to use the WooCommerce export tool to save our store data in a file that we can use as a backup copy or to transfer information from one website to another. To […]

WooCommerce: How to export products

Hi and welcome back to this guide on how to correctly install and configure WooCommerce. In the previous chapters we have seen how to set up your website and sell different types of products, in this chapter we are going to talk about a very important feature in your store: the Export function. Exporting data […]

WooCommerce: How to add grouped products

Hello and welcome back to our installation and configuration guide for WooCommerce. In the past chapters we have seen the various types of products that can be created using WooCommerce, we have seen simple, virtual and variable products. Today we are going to see the grouped products   We have already seen this type of […]