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There’s some news at YITH: let’s introduce ‘Business’ and ‘Agency’, the new Club membership plans available from January 2020

In the last years, due to the addition of more plugins to our catalog and the improvement of many of those already available, the economic value of our CLUB has increased a lot and, as a consequence, the number of people using it.

The release of the new plugin Easy Login & Register, the new design of Gift Card and Wishlist and the upcoming addition of the Point of Sale (POS) plugin to our catalog are only the starting points of what will let us step-up the quality of all our products throughout next year.

Offer our customers the best plugins for WooCommerce on the market

On one hand, our long-term plan is to provide a high-quality support service and, on the other hand, to offer our customers the best plugins for WooCommerce on the market. Not only in terms of features, usability, and design but also on performance, an essential aspect for those people managing e-commerce sites. For this reason, we have hired a team of experts that will guide us through the optimization of our framework to improve the performance of some of our plugins (loading time, reduction of both the number of calls to DB and number of queries).

To grant all of this to the many loyal customers we gained over the years and those that will join the YITH family in the future, it is important for us to find a new organizational set-up to employ our workforce and our energy in the best possible way.

A few days ago, we had a round-table meeting and carefully analyzed our valued users. 90% of our customers joining the Club are developers, mainly freelancers, and e-commerce owners that use 2-3 licenses per plugin at the most. 10% is related to medium/big web agencies that use all 30 licenses available per plugin.

So far, both customer types have paid the same amount to join the CLUB.
At first, we thought about just increasing the CLUB price for all new subscribers, without differences of any sort. Yet, we didn’t want this change to be seen as discriminating against the 90% of members who use only a few licenses of our plugins and have a more limited budget.

We have, therefore, decided to safeguard these customers by offering them a plan (that we will call “Business”) at the same price as the current one, reducing only the number of licenses available, giving that many were left unused anyway.

So, we will create another plan (“Agency”) to grant a fair value of the Club for our niche of customers, that is the 10% that usually uses most of the 30 licenses available. As a consequence, this takes a heavier workload at our support desk, conversely to members using only a few licenses.

January 20, 2020, our YITH CLUB will be available in two different plans

So, to recap: from January 20, 2020, our YITH CLUB will be available in two different plans:

  • the “Business” plan with 6 licenses available per each plugin for the yearly price of $ 1,399.99;
  • the “Agency” plan with 30 licenses available per each plugin for the yearly price of $ 2,299.99.

We would like to specify that this change will affect new members only. Customers who have already subscribed to our Club will remain on the same plan until the moment they decide to cancel the current one and start a new subscription.

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