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Follow everyday YITH themes and plugins updates

YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium - 2.1.18

  • New: greek translation
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Update: language files
  • Tweak: redirect after login if the customer is submitting a booking confirmation request

YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium - 2.1.17

  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.6
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Update: language files
  • Fix: issue with service quantities when max is set to zero
  • Tweak: improved style
  • Tweak: added support for ajax add-to-cart for booking products
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_calendar_booking_classes filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_search_form_label_categories filter

YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium - 2.1.16

  • New: support for WordPress 5.5
  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.5
  • New: show related booking details in orders
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Update: language files
  • Fix: issue when selecting the 'End Date' and using inline datepickers
  • Fix: timezone offset in iCal files when the offset is greater than 9
  • Tweak: force updating coordinates (retrieved by location) when saving booking products if they are not set
  • Tweak: fixed double arrows shown in selects
  • Tweak: disable Request a Quote button if the booking product fields are not filled
  • Tweak: prevent notice for trying to get property of non-object
  • Tweak: services with min quantity set to zero will be considered as optional if the customer choose set the quantity to zero, so they will be not added to the booking
  • Dev: new filter 'yith_wcbk_time_select_edit_booking_minute_step'
  • Dev: new filter 'yith_wcbk_plugin_panel_args'

YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium - 2.1.15

  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.3
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Update: language files
  • Fix: issue with Google Calendar sync when creating bookings through the Create Booking page on backend
  • Tweak: prevent issue when booking product form is shown in products shown in the WP Customizer
  • Tweak: prevent calendar style issues in combination with some themes
  • Tweak: localized missing strings in Logs tab
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_searched_categories filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_related_booking_title filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_totals filter

YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium - 2.1.14

  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.2
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Update: language files
  • Fix: issue when 'cancelled term' is set to 1 month
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_service_free_text filter

YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium - 2.1.13

  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.1
  • New: support for YITH Proteo theme
  • New: pagination for bookings in My Account > Bookings endpoint
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Update: language files
  • Update: YITH Booking theme 1.2.0 includes option to enable/disable sticky header and options to change header and footer colors
  • Fix: add-to-cart URL in search results now includes searched parameters
  • Tweak: prevent 'get property of non-object' issue
  • Dev: fixed object type for Availability Rule and Price Rule objects
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_[OBJECT_TYPE]_object_default_data filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_booking_endpoints filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_endpoint_booking filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_availability_rule_day_fields filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_after_availability_rule_options action
  • Dev: new parameter $booking for 'yith_wcbk_my_account_booking_column_[COLUMN_ID]' hook
  • Dev: new parameter for 'yith_wcbk_booking_is_available_non_available_reasons' filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_product_metabox_form_field_html filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_booking_product_create_availability_time_array filter

YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium - 2.1.12

  • New: support for WordPress 5.4
  • New: support for WooCommerce 4.0
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Update: language files
  • Fix: hidden orders in combination with YITH Deposits
  • Fix: auto-fill people when searching through Booking Search Forms in popup
  • Fix: issue when parsing iCal files if they contains additional information beyond normal events
  • Tweak: prevent issues when saving search forms
  • Tweak: prevent issues if 'date' column is not set
  • Tweak: prevent issues on bulk actions if 'post' query string is not set
  • Dev: new filter yith_wcbk_create_booking_order_item_data
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_count_booked_booking_in_period_args filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_get_future_bookings_by_product_args filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_create_booking_assign_order_default filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_product_get_not_available_dates_force_no_cache filter
  • Dev: add 'is_create_page' param to ajax request in booking create form

YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium - 2.1.11

  • New: support to YITH WooCommerce Sms Notifications
  • Fix: issue with YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote when adding to quote hourly booking products
  • Tweak: prevent issues when calculating service costs

YITH WooCommerce Booking Premium - 2.1.9

  • New: support for WooCommerce 3.9
  • New: integration with YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder
  • New: send 'Cancelled Booking' email to customers when the booking is cancelled by the customer
  • New: when searching for booking products with Booking Search Forms on Shop page, prices reflect the selected parameters (dates, people and services)
  • New: search forms autofilled after searching
  • Update: language files
  • Fix: integration with YITH WooCommerce Deposits and Down Payments
  • Fix: issue with non-numeric values
  • Fix: issues with custom extra cost when used with WPML
  • Fix: issue with search form widget when using WP Customizer
  • Fix: wrong "from" and "to" fields in request a quote table
  • Fix: issue when emptying booking categories field
  • Fix: init plus and minus in people select box
  • Tweak: improved style
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_booking_form_after_label_duration action
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_ics_event_summary filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_ics_event_description_data filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_ics_event_description filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_google_calendar_sync_event_args filter
  • Dev: added yith_wcbk_searched_value_for_field filter