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Follow everyday YITH themes and plugins updates

YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium - 2.0.3

  • New: support to 2019-09-09 API
  • Update: Stripe PHP to version 7.0.2
  • Update: internal plugin framework
  • Tweak: reviewed standard/elements payment process, to confirm intent on server
  • Tweak: prevent fatal error checking if return an object
  • Fix: error abstract class
  • Fix: ApiErrorException on process standard payment

YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium - 2.0.2

  • Tweak: removed paymentIntent creation on is_available method, to avoid excessive API calls & Webhooks requests (thanks to Jeremy & Scott)
  • Fix: error on session creation when user is guest (thanks to Paul & Maurice)

YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium - 1.9.2

  • New: WooCommerce 3.7.0 RC2 support
  • Tweak: added check over gateway instance before calling subscription methods
  • Tweak: added default card template, when token is not a Stripe one
  • Tweak: use .length() instead of .size(), to prevent problem with new jQuery version
  • Tweak: add a function_exists to prevent problems with a previous version
  • Tweak: add maxlength to Expiration date
  • Update: internal plugin framework
  • Update: Italian language
  • Fix: calculate cart totals before sending it to stripe, to make stripe checkout work with gift card
  • Dev: added method to API class, to update cards

YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium - 1.9.1

  • New: Support to WordPress 5.2
  • Update: Plugin Framework
  • Tweak: get_home_url() to get_site_url()
  • Tweak: remove protocol from url before performing security check
  • Dev: Added new filter yith_wcstripe_charge_params

YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium - 1.9.0

  • New: WooCommerce 3.6 support
  • New: retry renews when a fail occurs
  • New: added check over site url, to set Test Mode when plugin is enabled on a staging installation
  • Tweak: disabled Make default button for expired cards
  • Tweak: improved card form on mobile devices
  • Tweak: avoid duplicated cards in card expiration reminder queue
  • Tweak: updated card expiration reminder email, to provide correct information when card is already expired
  • Tweak: improved error reporting system
  • Tweak: system now register card fingerprint during webhook handling
  • Update: internal plugin framework
  • Update: dutch translation
  • Fix: issue when trying to pay with a previously registered card (default card was applied)
  • Fix: stripe do not execute code when customer tries to delete/set as default tokens created with other gateways
  • Fix: avoid to register token twice, when the same card_id is already saved for the same customer
  • Fix: avoid saving cards when related option is disabled

YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium - 1.8.1

  • new: WooCommerce 3.5.4 support
  • new: Button to automatically set webhook on Stripe
  • new: Added reminder email for card expiration
  • update: Internal plugin framework
  • update: Stripe php library to version 6.29.3
  • update: Dutch language
  • fix: Processing renew instead of new order when reactivating subscriptions

YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium - 1.8.0

  • new: WordPress 5.0 support
  • new: WordPress 3.5.2 support
  • new: Support to latest API version (2018-11-08)
  • new: Admin can now choose whether they want to automatically store card reference, or ask customer which cards to save (for appropriate payment modes only)
  • tweak: Prevent stripe to execute subscriptions methods, when payment method for the subscription is not stripe
  • tweak: Added check over gateway existence before filtering YWSBS from list
  • tweak: Improved Webhook error messages
  • tweak: Check over configurable properties in update_subscription method
  • update: Internal plugin framework
  • update: Dutch translation
  • fix: Error in js to trigger elements handling
  • fix: Solved issue occurring when billing state select is not visible
  • fix: Implicit casting when registering a new failed invoice
  • fix: Call to undefined endpoint, causing a 404 error in API; Limited labels accordingly to new limit set for the API
  • dev: Added filter yith_wcstripe_error_message_order_note to let third party code filter error messages stored in order notes

YITH WooCommerce Stripe ( & ) Premium - 1.7.1

  • fix: Wrong links on admin page
  • fix: Restored plugin panel under YITH menu
  • update: Italian language