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YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Premium - 1.2.0

  • new: New affiliate role
  • new: Added login form in "Registration form" template
  • new: Added copy button for generated referral url
  • new: Added export csv procedure for commissions
  • tweak: Added "Commissions table" to new order admin email
  • fix: Removed profile panel when customer have permissions lower then shop manager
  • fix: Problem with manual order affiliate assignment, when there are no previous commissions to delete
  • dev: Added yith_wcaf_settings_form_start action
  • dev: Added yith_wcaf_settings_form action
  • dev: Added yith_wcaf_save_affiliate_settings action
  • dev: Added yith_wcaf_show_dashboard_links filter to let dev show navigation menu on all affiliates dashboard pages

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Premium - 1.1.0

  • new: WordPress 4.7.3 compatibility
  • new: WooCommerce 3.0-RC2 compatibility
  • new: field to user profile, to let admin set current permanent affiliate token for the user
  • new: option to let admin choose that referral cookie won't change once set, till its expiration
  • new: capability for the admin to set an affiliate for an unassigned order
  • new: capability for the admin to remove an affiliate and relative commissions from an order
  • new: Delete bulk action for payments
  • new: option to force commissions deletion
  • new: added Hungarian - HUNGARY translation (thanks to Szabolcs)
  • tweak: text domain to yith-woocommerce-affiliates. IMPORTANT: this will delete all previous translations
  • tweak: send paid email at yith_wcaf_commission_status_paid
  • tweak: complete revision for paid commissions emails triggers
  • tweak: delete notes while deleting commission
  • fix: email replacements
  • fix: delete method for payments
  • fix: commission paid email trigger
  • fix: commission delete process
  • fix: commission notes delete process
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_notify_user_pending_commission filter to let third party plugin prevent or enable pending commission notification
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_notify_user_paid_commissions filter to let third party plugin prevent or enable paid commission notification
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_affiliate_rate filter to let third party plugin customize affiliate commission rate
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_use_percentage_rates filter to let switch from percentage rate to fixed amount (use it at your own risk, as no control over item total is performed)
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_become_an_affiliate_redirection filter to let third party plugin customize redirection after "Become an Affiliate" butotn is clicked
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_become_affiliate_button_text filter to let third party plugin change Become Affiliate button label
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_persistent_rate filter to let third party plugin enable/disable persistent rate
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_payment_email_required filter to let third party plugin to remove payment email from affiliate registration form
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_create_order_commissions filter, to let dev skip commission handling
  • dev: added filters yith_wcaf_before_dashboard_section and yith_wcaf_after_dashboard_section
  • dev: added hooks after payment status change
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_get_current_affiliate_token function to get current affiliate token
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_get_current_affiliate function to get current affiliate object
  • dev: added yith_wcaf_get_current_affiliate_user function to get current affiliate user object