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YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium - 1.3.5

  • new: WooCommerce 3.3.3 support
  • new: Filters to edit price table strings
  • new: Fields placeholders
  • new: Addons price suffix
  • update: YIT Plugin Framework 3.0.13
  • fix: YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices integration
  • fix: Compatibility with Frontend Manager
  • fix: Minor bugs

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium - 1.3.4

  • new: WordPress 4.9.4 support
  • new: WooCommerce 3.3.2 support
  • new: yith_wapo_show_options shortcode
  • dev: New "wapo_wpml_default_language" filter
  • fix: Uploaded files link in order details
  • fix: Subscription support
  • fix: Add-ons for WPML translations
  • fix: Options price calculated in cart
  • fix: Fields style

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium - 1.3.3

  • update: YIT Plugin Framework 3.0.12
  • fix: Options are not shown after vendor check
  • fix: Missing options after the update to version 1.3.2
  • fix: Image replacement with standard WooCommerce template

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium - 1.3.2

  • new: WordPress 4.9.2 support
  • new: WooCommerce 3.3.x support
  • new: Filter 'yith_wapo_show_uploaded_file_name' to show the uploaded file name in cart and order details
  • update: YIT Plugin Framework 3.0.11
  • tweak: New options sign filters
  • fix: Multi Vendor support
  • fix: Booking post type support
  • fix: Minor bugs

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium - 1.3.1

  • new: Filter 'wapo_select_variations_in_loop' to manage the variations in loop
  • tweak: Template yith-wapo-form-option-type.php loaded by wc_get_template function
  • tweak: Added the add-on $title to the "ywapo_empty_option_text" filter
  • update: YIT Plugin Framework 3.0.9
  • fix: Group doesn’t saving
  • fix: Image replacement
  • fix: WooCommerce 2.6 compatibility
  • fix: And operator dependencies
  • fix: Minor bugs

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium - 1.3.0

  • new: AND/OR operators for Options Requirements
  • new: Negative value in options price
  • new: Possibility to reset add-ons type file
  • new: Unero theme quick view support
  • new: 'yith_wapo_allow_frontend_free_price' filter to show free options price '+ $0.00'
  • new: HTML options container
  • new: French translation
  • update: YIT Plugin Framework 3
  • fix: Deprecated 'woocommerce_add_order_item_meta' action
  • fix: Options not shown in checkout
  • fix: Options not shown in order details
  • fix: Options not shown in order emails
  • fix: Options not shown in order again
  • fix: Variations fields in shop page
  • fix: Options textarea freeze after press enter key
  • fix: Product Bundles plugin compatibility
  • fix: Select2 and SelectWoo problems
  • fix: Product attributes types
  • fix: Multi Vendor user error
  • fix: Minor bugs

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium - 1.2.8

  • new: WooCommerce 3.2.0 support
  • new: Flatsome product lightbox compatibility
  • update: language file
  • fix: Removed ‘Color and Label Variations’ item from YITH Plugins menu in admin
  • fix: Illegal string offset in order again feature
  • fix: Quick View compatibility
  • fix: Minor bugs

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium - 1.2.7

  • new: es_ES translations files
  • new: nl_NL translations files
  • update: Core files
  • fix: Increased Type Description length
  • fix: Minor bugs

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium - 1.2.6

  • new: "Toggle" function on options group (frontend)
  • new: HTML code in option label
  • new: 'yith_wapo_frontend_price_html' filter
  • new: 'yith_wapo_cart_item_addon_price' filter
  • update: Core files
  • update: Language files
  • fix: Blank page with WooCommerce 3.0
  • fix: Type "Color" attributes and variations problem
  • fix: "Mixed Content" error with SSL images
  • fix: "Sold individually" cart price
  • fix: WooCommerce select2 error
  • fix: Order again errors
  • fix: Hidden variations in options editor
  • fix: Base price before options in variable products
  • fix: JavaScript errors in backend
  • fix: Prevent "add to cart" at the press "enter" in product options fields
  • fix: Call to undefined method WC_Product_Variable::get_default_attributes()
  • fix: Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Role-based Prices Premium
  • fix: Deprecated 'woocommerce_add_order_item_meta' hook
  • fix: Limit selectable elements with Multi Labels type
  • fix: Fatal error: Cannot unset string offsets in class.yith-wapo-frontend.php
  • fix: Prevent "Manage" popup open in other tab
  • fix: Type text "max length"
  • fix: Fatal error after activation
  • fix: Minor bugs

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium - 1.2.5

  • new: WooCommerce 3.0.x support
  • new: Dutch language files
  • dev: Added yith_wapo_product_price_updated trigger
  • dev: Added query operator for category filter
  • dev: Added product id in group list
  • fix: Special chars in label
  • fix: Change featured image problem
  • fix: Minor bugs
  • fix: Variations query when categories are filtered in the edit group
  • fix: Flolat value for sum + avada style for dropdown
  • fix: Add to cart layout with Avada
  • fix: Variation query with categories