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How to add custom popup to your site

YITH WooCommerce Popup

Any of us owning an online shop will have certainly needed a tool that reacts quickly and immediately to moves of users and make specific actions in his/her own site. The first solution that often comes to mind are popup windows, because this tool allows you to provide an immediate answer without having to wait long page loading time and especially because popups can draw users’ attention onto them.

Given that we know that abusing of popup windows might be extremely annoying for users, this is a problem that generally does not concerns e-commerce owners who do not need to show advertising in popups. Yet, on the contrary, popups, modal windows and lightboxes are a tool very useful to establish a contact with users and make them react to what you suggest.

This is the reason why YIThemes has developed a tool that allows you to add different types of content to your pop-up windows and give you the possibility to customise them and let your shop productivity increase. Let’s see together in detail what you can do with YITH WooCommerce Popup.

First of all, as we have already said, you can add different types of content into your popups. Text content allows you to include any type of information, while if you need something more specific, just think of the efficiency of a newsletter subscription form in a modal window. Imagine your users close the page with your site, but they have not had time enough to watch carefully all they were interested in. Allow them to keep up-to-date with your latest news or offers by making a popup window open as soon as they close the tab: filling a form with a few fields takes a very short time, but you now have their email address and can invite them to come back to your site for your latest news and offers.

Another type of content you can select for your popup is “WooCommerce”: this means that you can also add products in a popup and show them to users as soon as they reach your site, when they leave, or whatever, you can decide when and how. Or you can also show your social contacts and much more.

Template Popup

After all, if you do not want to annoy your users with popups, you can let them close it or even hide it and prevent it to be shown if they come back to your site. And if that’s not enough, put that you make a new offer every month: you can also set a duration for “Hide popup” and show the popup again after the number of days you have specified: so, you’ll be certain that they will not miss your new incredible offer.

Hide Popup

Yet, customisation options do not end here: not only can you choose the exact moment for showing your popup, choose position, its behaviour on mobile, but also you can choose the layout you prefer, set your colours, images, background, button position and much more or choose one of the amazing templates provided in the plugin. Not to mention, then, dedicated text areas to enter your own CSS and JavaScript code.

layout popup

Well, what can I say more? A highly customisable and really useful tool. Why waiting, then? try the free version or get the premium version of YITH WooCommerce Popup and learn more about how to use it.

And if you want to learn more about becoming more social and increase your users’ satisfaction, why don’t you reward them for sharing your products or for reviewing them? Discover more plugins!

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