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Freelance and Web Agency: Which services you can sell to the owners of WooCommerce based e-commerce stores 1/3

Just like any other commercial field, internet users are divided in two categories: those who offer a service, and those who buy it.

Despite the fact that these are two sides of the very same coin, these people think and behave differently, which may lead to misunderstandings that might undermine the success of your business.

Sometimes this happens because while vendors are used to deal with questions such as “What” and “How?” (meaning what it is I offer and how it works), customers might require answers to their “Why”s.

Most of the small time web agencies and freelance workers in this field find it adequate to answer to one single question, without realizing that’s just the top of the iceberg.

Web Agency, Freelance Workers and Final Users: Why?

How does any business begin? With products to sell and a place where to sell them.

That’s why websites creation services are greatly demanded, since it’s the perfect answer to many questions.

First off, how big is the customer pool that’s interested in this kind of services?

  • Owners of physical stores that want to open their business to the rest of the world.
  • Businessmen that want to offer online services or products.
  • Creative people that want to sell their creations.

It’s a long list: anyone found themselves willing to sell something at some point of their lives. They may do it on a MarketPlace such as Amazon or Ebay, however, trades are such a big part of our daily life that lately we have around 12 millions e-commerce stores in the world and new ones keep opening on a daily basis.

Other than this customer pool, why is this service so popular?

Because it’s necessary.

Not everybody is able to create their own websites starting from scratch, not even with easy tools such as WooCommerce and its plugins.

Not because they are limited and can’t manage it, but because people need a certain degree of knowledge to be able to build good websites, and acquiring this knowledge takes time and efforts and customers often resort to delegate this job to third parties in order to be able to fully dedicate themselves to the rest of their business.

That’s not really a wrong way of thinking: it surely is better to let somebody with professional skills create the website you are going to use to sell your products, in order to communicate a professional touch to our customers.

Many aspiring sellers that end up buying an e-commerce store creation service do so after trying to create it themselves and often running into technical issues that undermined their confidence and made them give up.

You can almost see them: whole afternoons spent on Google looking for answer to their problems, often ending up reading IT forums in which many incomprehensible words are commonly being used.

So this is why when it comes to the question “Why should I purchase this kind of service” the customers themselves are the first ones to provide answers:

  • Because I’m not capable of doing it.
  • Because it allows me to have access to full customer support.
  • Because I won’t have to waste time and effort making it.
  • Because it’s going to look more professional.

These are all very good answer that explain the success of this kind of service, other than the fact that usually it’s not expensive enough to make people question their decisions, since they are going to earn enough money to cover these expenses with their very first sales.

It is an investment. Keep these words in mind since they are going to be relevant in these articles.

So, customers received their websites, you as a Web Agency/Freelance earned your pay and then happily ever after…

Well sadly there’s a more down to earth reality we need to face whatever products we are attempting to sell:

A product and a place where to sell it are not enough to actually sell it

As much as this may indeed be the starting point of any business, you don’t call “home” the foundation of it. If a vendor’s first step is to just create a store, that store is just going to be one among many others, with modest sales.

There are indeed over 12 million e-commerce store out there, but more than 11 million of these don’t make more than 1000$ each year.

This is another aspect that gets noticed both by those who have been working in this field for a while and from newcomers who just opened their first online store.

But, differently from a website creation, users don’t get an immediate response to their problem, so what do they do?

Just check out the first Google search results for “increase sales”, you’ll notice that at the first positions we find Etsy, Amazon and Ebay.


This kind of data is relatively uninteresting, but it tells us an important truth: if selling a product is so hard even on a marketplace that receives millions of daily visits, the situation must be even worse for any other anonymous newly opened e-commerce store.

If 11 stores on 12 don’t take off, that means that 91% of the customers we are creating websites for are customers that will find themselves looking for ways to increase their sales.

Which leads me to the topic I want to speak of: selling a consultation service that allows customers to drastically increase the conversion rate on their e-commerce store.

But before reaping the fruits of our work, I’m going to use the next articles to show you why WooCommerce is the ideal ground where to offer this kind of service.

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