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Follow everyday YITH themes and plugins updates

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce Premium - 1.5.6

  • New: Integration with YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking Premium
  • New: Search form for products section
  • New: Filter order by status
  • Update: Spanish language
  • Fix: Show user information in Ship To column for guest users
  • Fix: Replaced deprecated function get_woocommerce_term_meta() with get_term_meta()
  • Fix: Replace the order ID with Order Number to fix issues with YITH WooCommerce Sequential Order Number
  • Fix: Style issues with YITH Nielsen theme

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce Premium - 1.5.5

  • New: Support for WooCommerce 3.7
  • New: Add Unpaid commissions amount in Dashboard for vendors
  • Tweak: Add "woocommerce" body class in frontend manager dashboard page
  • Fix: Some Style bugs
  • Fix: Pagination style
  • Fix: Vendor can't add product on admin area
  • Fix: Wrong style in frontend manager page login page
  • Fix: Placeholder disappears if an user remove the product featured image
  • Fix: Placeholder disappears if an user remove all products gallery images

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce Premium - 1.5.3

  • Tweak: New dashboard section template
  • Fix: Unable to save products in new order
  • Fix: Remove import products button for vendors
  • Fix: Wrong name for Commissions report section
  • Fix: Fatal error for wrong function name "is numeric"
  • Fix: No preview for product featured image
  • Fix: AUTO-DRAFT product title when try to add a new product
  • Fix: Prevent double pending review email for vendor
  • Dev: yith_wcfm_get_main_page_url hook for filter main page url
  • Dev: yith_wcfm_dashboard_info action to add more info box in dashboard

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce Premium - 1.5.0

  • New: Support for WooCommerce 3.6
  • Update: Italian language
  • Update: Spanish language
  • Tweak: Code refactoring for products section
  • Tweak: Code refactoring for coupons section
  • Tweak: Add unique id for product taxonomies wrapper in add/edit product template
  • Tweak: Replace update_post_meta with WooCommerce setters method
  • Fix: Save issue with YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio and Video Content and WooCommerce 3.6
  • Fix: Invoice button style
  • Fix: Unable to disabled SMS Notification section
  • Fix: No fired action for new product created
  • Fix: Error on update billing and shippng information if vendor haven't access to this information
  • Fix: Show empty taxonomy box for vendors
  • Dev: yith_wcfm_skip_taxonomy hook to skip show taxonomy in add/edit product

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce Premium - 1.4.14

  • New: Support for YITH Auctions for WooCommerce
  • Fix: Actions url on stock report
  • Fix: No titles for action buttons on Stock Report
  • Fix: Prevent to print empty menu item is no label set
  • Fix: Wrong link for user on commission details page

YITH WooCommerce Frontend Manager Premium - 1.3.2

  • fix: Style issue with YITH theme with FW 2.0 or greather
  • fix: Tags and Categories list in add/edit product page
  • fix: Unable to set Enable Reviews in add/edit product page