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WooCommerce: How to install a Theme

In one of my previous articles I have guided you through the steps required to install WooCommerce on WordPress. At this point, though, all we have is a “naked” website that looks like this: In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to install a theme on WordPress, picking one of the free WooCommerce […]

WooCommerce Product Filters: 5+1 must-have options

Among the many things we can do to improve our website, simplifying the navigation through its pages should be among our priorities. If as a customer I’m not allowed to move around freely in an online store, chances are that I might end up feeling like I’m wasting my time and look elsewhere. Always remember […]

WooCommerce Installation guide

In one of my previous articles I’ve gone through the potential of WooCommerce and why it is the best choice if you want to create an online e-commerce store. Today we are going to start focusing on its mechanics, starting from the very first thing you should know: “How to install WooCommerce on your WordPress […]

An overview of WooCommerce based e-comerce stores

Many people naively think that a tool that is commonly used by non-professionals, it must be a low quality one. I’ve seen people thinking the same thing about WooCommerce, since it’s largely used by many inexperienced customers who use it to obtain mediocre results, truth is a tool is only as good as the hand […]

E-Commerce: offer discounts and earn more money

A simple mental process, although simple and logical, might also be wrong. Thinking “the more one item costs, the more I, the seller, will gain from selling it” is not logically wrong, but the market system is not this linear. That’s why you shouldn’t think that offering discounts on your products could decrease your income… […]