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WooCommerce General Settings

Welcome back to this WooCommerce guide! In the previous chapter I have gone through the procedure of installing a theme on your WooCommerce store, today we are checking out how to configure your store’s general options. To better understand how to do this right, let’s go through a practical example. In the following settings, I’m […]

WooCommerce: How to install a Theme

In one of my previous articles I have guided you through the steps required to install WooCommerce on WordPress. At this point, though, all we have is a “naked” website that looks like this: In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to install a theme on WordPress, picking one of the free WooCommerce […]

WooCommerce Product Filters: 5+1 must-have options

Among the many things we can do to improve our website, simplifying the navigation through its pages should be among our priorities. If as a customer I’m not allowed to move around freely in an online store, chances are that I might end up feeling like I’m wasting my time and look elsewhere. Always remember […]