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WooCommerce: how to create a marketplace in which sellers pay a subscription fee for the right to sell their products

“Unity is strength” is the concept behind the success of Marketplaces. We have all bought something from an online marketplace at some point in our lives: Ebay is a prime example of marketplace, but also Amazon hosts several shops. This service has the potential of being generic or specific. Ebay based its success on trading […]

WooCommerce General Settings

Welcome back to this WooCommerce guide! In the previous chapter I have gone through the procedure of installing a theme on your WooCommerce store, today we are checking out how to configure your store’s general options. To better understand how to do this right, let’s go through a practical example. In the following settings, I’m […]

WooCommerce: How to install a Theme

In one of my previous articles I have guided you through the steps required to install WooCommerce on WordPress. At this point, though, all we have is a “naked” website that looks like this: In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to install a theme on WordPress, picking one of the free WooCommerce […]