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YIThemes October Promotions

The promotion is expired and it is not available anymore . October is the perfect month for sales and discounts and even here at Your Inspiration Themes we have planned some SPECIAL OFFERS exclusively dedicated to our clients.

When Clients’ Support Becomes a Love Potion

Yes, we know it. It’s not politically correct to start with such a title. Above all when the objective of the article is to celebrate successes… and not to simply tell them. But don’t we have to say how things are going? Don’t we have to be happy and share this happiness with you because […]

YITH WooCommerce Compare: New Free Plugin Released

Your ecommerce website is really full of products, you have lots of amazing items in it and your website visitors are increasing day after day. The layout is cool, the graphic and images entertaining, but the navigation may be complicated for users who are uncertain and undecided upon which product to purchase, because there are […]

YITH Maintenance Mode: launch your website and products

When you need to switch temporarily offline your website to update your WordPress, your plugins or everything else you need to use the Maintenance Mode function. But what is the Maintenance Mode page exactly? Sometimes it is used just to communicate to your visitors that your website is temporarily offline. It says: ehy, we are […]

YITH Woocommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin, zoom to sell

This article describes an outdated version of the plugin. You can find a more recent article here. Enjoy it! Suppose you have a web store (WordPress based) and to sell clothing. In the last meeting with the sales department you have decided to take a new collection of ties. They are all beautiful, gorgeous, with a […]

Walter, the new look and the surprise…

Our community is growing, the number of downloads is increasing exponentially. Looks like the YIThemes project has gained its tiny space in the heart of more than 18,000 people who use our WordPress themes to blog, to work and to make their business. Our story is a brief story. It’s only been a few months since launch […]

Theme updates for Woocommerce 2.0

WooCommerce 2.0 has been released last Monday, 4th March and we’re working very hard to update our shop themes. We’re updating and fixing our themes since the first public beta of WooCommerce and today we completed the changes for the official release of Woocommerce. We know how important it is for you to have the latest […]