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Level Up your store: what is AOV and how to increase it?

AOV stands for Average Order Value and it is calculated by your total revenue through your e-commerce website divided by the number of orders. For example, if your total revenue is $10,000 and you have 100 orders, the AOV is $100. Marketers often use this value to calculate the cost for marketing per order, return […]

Version 2.0 of our Auction plugin for WooCommerce will make your jaw drop

Among the many plugin updates that we’ve released, YITH Auction for WooCommerce is absolutely the most noteworthy. While we were updating the plugin demo with the newly added options, we ended up wondering: “What options was the plugin actually offering before the update?” Actually, it was a good plugin with always positive feedback from its […]

Create a recurring income stream using WooCommerce Subscriptions

Running a subscription business model is commonly known to boost your income. By charging a sometimes smaller amount but on a regular basis, in the longer term you create more revenue and a more stable income stream, often referred to as “recurring income”. Let’s run through different examples and combinations to create the perfect subscription […]

Subscriptions 2.0: new features and improvements for this key plugin

We are ecstatic to announce our newly upgraded subscription plugin ‘YITH WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.0.’ This is one of the flagship projects we have been waiting for to present to you for some time. Not only does it give you a more reliable experience and results, but the functionality and design is also something that sets […]

Crew member Highlight; Carlos the Auction plugin developer

It is a really great thing to introduce our crew members to the wider YITH audience and users. Many of the developers and support staff work hard ‘behind the scenes’. Especially now we don’t attend any physical WordCamps where our customers get to meet some of the crew. So let’s find out about Carlos and […]

Meet Andrea Grillo; a developer with a Sicilian zest for life.

There are few people like Andrea, luckily at YITH, we have many with similar characteristics… maybe because Andrea is a big influence or he fits right in the YITH family. Andrea just loves life and the little things that are available to enjoy this. From motorbikes, fishing, enjoying a coffee with colleagues to general helping […]

How to use WooCommerce as a catalog only; 5 use cases

What is Catalog Mode for an e-commerce store? When started using WooCommerce and have added products showing on the front-end but you do not allow visitors to purchase them, you can disable the native WooCommerce cart and checkout in a simple click. Also if you prefer, you can hide the prices from being displayed to […]