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A recap of 2020 and what to expect

This 2020 has been unprecedented, also for YITH. Since March, we have practically not worked in the office but from home instead. You can imagine: kids screaming, working in pajamas, background music from the neighbors, and ‘too many’ video meetings. A real madness!

We have missed our colleagues, the laughter in the office, breakfast, lunch together, or a simple greeting or sharing a coffee in the hallway. For us, and mainly for you, we did not want to stop and have worked hard to give you the best throughout this challenging year. More than ever, have we felt the pressure to come up with solutions to help e-commerce businesses succeed. The many requests and improvements have kept us very busy and the occasional sleepless night to come up with creative solutions by our developers.

We wanted to recap some of the plugins that we have carefully redesigned for you to recap this busy year. This might be just the tip of the iceberg as we have worked on many minor updates for each plugin. The ones we are most proud of are:

Membership 1.4

Usability is critical in our redesigns so that Membership would release a new UX in the last update. Also, different improvements were added like the possibility to include all contents in a membership plan with just one click, before unthinkable and with a tedious procedure; the “Members-only content starts here” Gutenberg block, for example, you have a blog you can add a block, and the plugin will automate the process and protect your content; offer members discounts on all products in the store or improvements in the My Account page. There are many updates, so if you want more information, click here.

Auction 2.0

Version 2.0 of the YITH Auction is one of our greatest moments of pride. We have made several improvements: new UX, modern design and more customization options, an integrated dashboard to monitor the auctions, the possibility to create classic, reverse, or sealed auctions (the latter private and not visible to other users), better management of defaults or rescheduling of auctions or a “watchlist” for all users who want to be aware of auctions. Also, from this version, a fee can be charged for participation. We have verified the bidder’s payment method thanks to the integration with our Stripe plugin, one of our users’ most requested functions, and the compatibility with our Easy Login & Register plugin to let the user log in or register without leaving the auction page. All this makes it one of the best (if not the best) auction plugins on the market—much more information in our blog.

Subscriptions 2.0

In 2020 we were pleased to announce YITH WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.0, which brought exciting new features and improvements. For example, an improved UX, more flexibility for the user, Gutenberg Block, and Elementor integration, or the latest ‘cronjob’ with the WooCommerce integration, make renewal payments more reliable being charged. Besides, we made improvements in the use of variations to create different subscription plans, email and automated correspondence options, custom call to action labels, or improvements in the GDPR rules with the auto-deletion of users after the set cancellation period. And not only that, there’s much more you can discover here. We’re not satisfied with these impressive improvements and features; we want more that will come soon.

Catalog Mode 2.0

The latest update of the Catalog Mode plugin has brought several interesting ideas: a simpler and easier to use UX and UI, compatibility with the Formidable Forms and Ninja Form plugins, which are added to Gravity Forms and Contact Forms 7, or a total refactoring of the code to correct small errors and optimize the plugin. But the star integration has to do with buttons and labels. Until the previous version, you could only create a custom button to replace the product price and the Add to Cart button, but now you can create an unlimited number of buttons and text labels of any size, style, shape, and color. The limit is only on you. Here you can find more information.

Point of Sale

2020 has been a great year for the release of this plugin: YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce, one of the best POS plugins for WooCommerce available on the market in terms of interface, code optimization, and available features. It has a multitude of features available. For example, from the Register interface, the Cashier can manage the sale of all the store products, create new products and add them to the cart, and scan the product barcodes (thanks to the integration with YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes), apply discounts, etc. The Admin can also create unlimited stores and registers, set managers and cashiers for every shop, create custom sales receipts, enable specific payment methods for each register and multiple payment methods in the same order, etc. We can’t explain everything because it would take hours. Try the live demo.

Customize My Account Page 3.0

Our team has also redesigned our Customize My Account Page plugin. We have modernized the UX, making it more intuitive, or added two new designs and style options, so you don’t just use the traditional one. But the most interesting feature of version 3.0 is the banners that you can configure and show in any endpoint. You can create and personalize unlimited cards that can be inserted in any endpoint. And don’t think that we are done, because we are already working on versions 3.1 and 3.2 to improve the plugin thanks to our customers’ feedback. You can find more information here.

Dynamic Pricing and Discounts 2.0

Promotions are a potent marketing tool. That is why we have continued working to improve our plugin and launch version 2.0 of Dynamic Pricing and Discounts. This brings improvements such as a totally redesigned UX, option to apply discounts in the whole store or by product category in just two clicks, option to choose to apply the discount to the unit price of the product or to the total price (avoiding confusion to our customers) or the “gift product” option, offering gift products to users with a specific subtotal in the cart, since in the past only the quantity was taken into account. If you want to be successful with your promotions, don’t hesitate and choose this plugin. And if you are in doubt, read this article.

As you can see, 2020 has been a year to improve and give our customers the best of us. Don’t doubt that 2021 will promise many new upgrades and redesign of the most popular plugins. We are already working hard on Request a Quote, Multi-vendor, and Ajax filter, to name a few.

We want to thank you for your continued support, trust in us, and sometimes a little patience too. As the team of support staff and developing team is growing, we can promise you we only want to get better and give you the best possible solutions and support for many years to come.

For now, a virtual hug from the YITH family and a Happy New Year to everyone!

YITH Familia.

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