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Black Friday, can you afford to lose out?

Christmas is synonymous with lights, family, and food, but also with expenses and queues. That’s why the number of people who prefer to buy on the Internet increases, taking advantage of scandalous offers and saving themselves the crowds in shopping centers. For this reason, online stores must be prepared for an increase in sales, stand […]

No Tricks just a Treat for you!

Trick or treat? You’ve probably read or heard these words many times on the scariest day of the year. Ghosts that make you panic, terrifying pumpkins, witches, black cats that attract bad luck, dark bats, or spider webs that will give you a bad scare. Just thinking about it makes your hair stand on end. […]

Create a recurring income stream using WooCommerce Subscriptions

Running a subscription business model is commonly known to boost your income. By charging a sometimes smaller amount but on a regular basis, in the longer term you create more revenue and a more stable income stream, often referred to as “recurring income”. Let’s run through different examples and combinations to create the perfect subscription […]

Subscriptions 2.0: new features and improvements for this key plugin

We are ecstatic to announce our newly upgraded subscription plugin ‘YITH WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.0.’ This is one of the flagship projects we have been waiting for to present to you for some time. Not only does it give you a more reliable experience and results, but the functionality and design is also something that sets […]