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WooCommerce: how to create your e-commerce store in a day

Starting from the very basics and gradually going through each aspect of its installation, the setup and customization. With this guide and each subsequent post, video and tutorial you will be able to create a WooCommerce store in a day – So get set for ‘Zero to Sale in a Day!’

Who is this guide for?

The main point of strength of this tool is that it can be used by both professionals and amateurs, this guide is specifically addressed to the following users:

  • complete beginners with little experience;
  • salesmen trying to sell their products online and trying to avoid high costs;
  • artists and creatives trying to sell their creations;
  • web designers who are used to other tools for creating e-commerce stores and wish to learn about the one most used tool in the world designed for this purpose.
  • Entrepreneurs with a life-changing business plan, whether to sell goods, courses or run a market place
  • and those that need a little refreshment on how to do things, of course.

What will you learn?

You can either set up your own store and manage every aspect of it, or you can start and understand the whole process so you can support and guide your developing team. If you are the developer or web designer, make sure to bookmark this page as it will be a great reference for the foreseeable future.

WooCommerce Guide

1. Before installing

  1. 10 important reasons why you should use WooCommerce for your online sales
    Are not convinced yet or do you have some reservations? Here are ten very good reasons why WooCommerce is a perfect tool to sell online.
  2. An overview of WooCommerce based e-commerce stores
    Are you worried about the look of your store? Many well-known brands opted for WooCommerce for a very good reason.

2. Installing WooCommerce

Learn how to install WooCommerce and optimize your WordPress install for selling online, plus create the look and feel of your store with Proteo theme.

  1. WooCommerce Installation guide
  2. WooCommerce: How to install a Theme

3. General WooCommerce Settings

  1. WooCommerce General Settings
  2. WooCommerce How to properly configure the product options and general settings
  3. How to Set Tax Rate in WooCommerce
  4. WooCommerce Checkout Setting
  5. WooCommerce: Shipping Settings
  6. WooCommerce: Account configuration
  7. WooCommerce: Email configuration

4. WooCommerce product configuration

  1. WooCommerce: How to set up product tags and categories
  2. WooCommerce: How to add product attributes

5. Add products to your store

  1. Knowing the several types of products you can create
  2. How to add a simple product to your store
  3.  How to add a virtual – digital product
  4. How to add a variable product
  5. How to add grouped products
  6. How to add an External/Affiliate product

6. Add products to your store

  1. How to export products
  2. How to import products

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